Health and Wellness Monitoring
Individual Gene or Panel Test
Genome Sequence or Gene Expression Test
Individualized Clinical Studies (All or Partial)
Initial Consultation X X X X
Initial Health Questionnaire X X X X
Extensive Health Questionnaire X X X X
Health Monitoring X X
Follow Ups with Team X X X X
Targeted Gene Sequencing (BRCA or Panel Test) X X
Research DNA and Disease Association Analysis X X X
Exome Analysis (Genes Coding Region; 2% of DNA) X X
Whole Genome DNA Screening X X
Disease Tissue Analysis of DNA mutations (Cancer, etc.) X X X
Disease Tissue Analysis of Gene Expression (Cancer, etc.) X X X
Microbiome Test (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, etc.) X X
Metabolite Tests X X
Proteomic Test X X
Scientific Consultation (Scientist & Patient) – No Clinical Advice X X
Comprehensive Scientific Consultation (Physician & Patient) X X X
Subscriber: Ongoing Scientific Insights Based Upon New Discoveries X X X
Individual Clinical Study X X X X