IRIS Makes It Easy for Employers to Gain Significant Savings.

1. Save money by launching “an in-depth, individualized analysis program” and optionally a science-based “corporate wellness program.”  IRIS will customize each program to meet the specific needs of each company.

2. 10% of the employees have high cost claims history. For a company that spends $1 billion on health insurance premium, these claims could lead to a yearly increase of more than $50 million in health insurance costs.  Reduce healthcare expenses through faster and more effective interventions enabled by IRIS in-depth, individualized analysis, enhancing the capabilities of the employees’ physicians and the chosen health insurance company’s specialized team to work with high cost claim employees and their families. What IRIS offers here is not an optional wellness program. The IRIS in-depth, individualized analysis platform is a mission critical, high ROI opportunity to gain significant savings.

3. Save money by reducing employee absenteeism due to medical appointments, illness, stress, burnout, family issues, and improving performance through increased mental sharpness, creativity, and motivation.

4. Partnering with IRIS will enable a company to be more competitive through retention of key employees, attraction of the best new hires, and reduction in recruitment costs.

5. The sooner a company takes advantage of this opportunity, the sooner it will gain significant savings and have a healthier, happier workforce.

IRIS In-depth, Individualized Analysis Platform

We tailor programs to your corporate needs and make use of sophisticated scientific data, not routinely available in many of today’s top medical centers. Our approach is based upon:

1. Patents on “Artificial Intelligence System for Genetic Analysis.”

2. Two decades of research and development in personalized health and wellness.

3. In-depth analysis of functional microbiome, comprehensive metabolite (chemical signature), whole DNA, gene expression, lifestyle, family medical history, and environmental factors.

4. Technologies recognized by Frost and Sullivan’s North American Technology Innovation Award in Pharmacogenomics.

5. IRIS’s network of medical, science, technology, and business professionals.

IRIS Corporate Wellness Program

Employers can launch an affordable program for their employees and measure specific critical success factors. We provide an aggregate picture of the workforce health profile, which can be used to make better decisions that can save money and enhance health and productivity. Helping the Employer, and protecting their employees’ privacy, while improving their health and wellness is our top priority.

What Makes the IRIS Approach Unique?

We live in partnership with trillions of microbes, and our health depends on how well they are functioning. They help in digesting our food, make vitamins, train our immune systems, and create neurotransmitters that drive our nervous systems. Our personal DNA, microbes, and environment all interact to create chemical signatures of how well our bodies are working, and what might be in trouble or in need of repair. Knowing how to interpret this information is more important than the information itself. The IRIS platform is continually updated with new scientific data, as well as distilling it into practical recommendations.

IRIS tests DNA, microbial function, and chemical signatures of metabolites. IRIS examines up to 3.2 billion molecules in a person’s DNA sequence, about 10 million microbial gene activities, and approximately 900 metabolites. But that’s only the beginning. IRIS then integrates this information with personal medical records, lifestyle, family history and environmental factors.

Continual Improvement

The IRIS approach is based on more than 20 years of research and program development in obtaining accurate data, and learning how to meaningfully integrate it into health management. The IRIS platform itself is continually updated with new scientific data and its management.

IRIS works with individual employees and their doctors as needed. The depth of analysis by IRIS provides health care professionals with faster, deeper insights into the nature of specific pathologies, enabling faster, and more effective therapeutic interventions.

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Written by Simon Chin, President and CEO